Events and areas available for recreation and leisure are what many think make Blount County a truly wonderful and unique place to live! But Blount County’s best resource isn’t it’s scenic rolling mountains,  it’s closely manicured golf courses, or even it’s covered bridges — Blount’s best resources are it’s people!  

And those neighbors, whether right next door or two miles down the road, are what makes the Qualify of Life in Blount County, second to none!

More Blount County Highlights:

Groups and events for all sorts of interests including the Blount County Quilter’s Guild (whose cottage is located at Palisades Park); whitewater rafting on the many rolling rivers; Western Shooting Sports; hunting preserves; soccer, swim teams, music clubs, and more for the youngsters; horse shows and rodeos at the Blount-Oneonta Agri-Business Center; the annual award-winning Blount County Fair held each September; and so much more. All combine to give everyone within the county a choice of fun, educational and unique experiences that only Blount County can provide.